April 29: The Cellar Door, Frederick, MD (Headline)

November 17: Warren Comedy Club

Past Shows

January 20: Fundraiser Show, Ross Park, PA
February 15-17: Jr's Last Laugh, Erie, PA
February 24: Winter Blues Comedy Night, Whitehall, PA
March 24: Grenshaw, PA (Headline)
April 14: Clearfield, PA
April 21: Chartiers Country Club (Headline)

January 20: Sharon, PA
January 21: Oakdale, PA

February 11: Ice Garden, Belle Vernon, PA
February 12: Cellar Door, Freddrick, MD (Headline)
February 24: Private Event, Freeport, PA (Headline)
February 25: Connelsville, PA
March 10-11: Reactors Comedy Club, Glen Hill, PA (Headline)
March 17: Private Event, Belington, WV (Headline)
March 18: Apollo, PA
April 1: St. Marys, PA
April 8: Springdale, PA
April 22: Private Event, Butler, PA (Headline)
April 28: St. Henry Afterprom (Matt's Alma Mater) (Headline) 5 Season Country Club, Crestview Hills, KY
May 5: Johnstown, PA
May 6: Pittsburgh , PA

May 12: Slapsticks Comedy Club, Bethel Park, PA
May 20: Armagh, PA (Headline)
June 6: Buckhead Saloon, Pittsburgh, PA
June 9: Mt. Lebanon, PA (Headline)
June 17: Comedy Rumble @ Hambone's, Pittsburgh, PA (Headline)

June 30: Altoona, PA
July 14: Mt. Lebanon, PA (Headline)
August 11: Jokes with a Cherry on Top, Mt. Lebanon, PA (Headline)
September 15-16: Wisecrackers, Allentown,PA (Headline)
September 17: Cellar Door, Fredrick, MD (Headline)

September 20: University of Kentucky (Headline)
October 21: Waynesburgh, PA
October 27: Uniontown, PA
November 3: Private Event, Columbia, OH (Headline)

November 11: Private Event, South Hills, PA (Headline)
November 28-Dec 3: House of Comedy, Mall of America, MN
December 4: Corporate Event, Pittsburgh, PA (Headline)

January 16: Saxonburg, PA
January 21: West Virginia University (Headline)
January 30: Volant, PA (Co-Headline)
February 4-6: Jr's Last Laugh, Erie, PA
February 12: Cannonsburg, PA
February 13: Monroeville, PA, Private Event (Headline)
February 13: Beaver Falls, PA (Headline)
February 20: Alaquipa, PA
February 26: Royal Place, Pittsburgh, PA (Co-Headline)
March 5: Academy Theatre, Meadville, PA (Co-Headline)
March 12: Madera, PA
March 19: Franklin, PA
March 21: Duquense Club, Pittsburgh, PA (Headline)
March 25-26: Cleveland Bonkerz (Headline)
April 1: Wildwood Golf Club, Ross, PA
April 2: Westview, PA
April 9: Clymer, PA (Headline)
April 13: University of Kentucky (Headline)
April 15-16: Joker's Live, Indianapolis, IN (Headline)
April 23: Rose Bar, Pittsburgh, PA
May 7: Barefoot, Leechsburgh, PA (Headline)
May 14: South Alleghney, PA
May 20: Pittsburgh, PA
June 9-12: Go Bananas Comedy Club, Cincinnati, OH
August 12: Clariton High School 40th Reunion, Clariton, PA (Headline)
September 9: Matt Stanton Major League Variety Hour, Hambone's, Pittsburgh, PA
September 13: Buckhead Saloon, Pittsburgh, PA
September 16: Arnold, PA
October 1: Beechview, PA
October 13: Rocky Gap Casino, Cumberland, MD (Headline)
October 15: DuBois, PA
November 12: Burgettstown, PA
November 18: Private Event, Pittsburgh, PA
November 25: Black Friday Show @ Hambone's, Pittsburgh, PA
November 26: Slapsticks Comedy Club, Bethel Park, PA
December 3: Private Christmas Party, Meyersdale, PA (Headline)
December 9: Meadows Casino, FFC Capital Corporate Event, Meadowlands, PA (Headline)
December 10: Corporate Event, Adrian, PA (Headline)