1. "I honestly believe Matt Stanton has a necessary style of comedy that many people would enjoy. He is always welcome here." -Comedy Chair of the University of North Carolina, 2014
  2. "Matt delivered a high quality and hilarious show at RMU. He's a tremendous professional, who put lots of smiles on the faces of our students." -John Locke, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development at RMU
  3. "Matt Stanton performed at our National College Radio day, and it was fantastic. He is an engaging performer and great guy." -WLGZ Staff at West Liberty University
  4. "Matt was a true professional performer. Great set from start to finish" -Jodi Olgetree, Glenville State University
  5. "We loved Matt's show. His material is good for all ages, and will leave you satisfied." -Harrisburgh Allegheney Community College Student Activities
  6. "Matt brought a great show to our fundraiser. Everyone had a fun time." -Donna Scott, Carmicheals Area Senior High School Fundraiser